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Start a flexible part-time job at KFC!
We have a shift system where you apply for your work days in advance,
so you can work flexibly to fit your lifestyle!
You can adjust the times you work around your needs, such as for studies or hobbies!

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Job Introduction

Customer Service
01. Customer Service
A delicious meal starts with a pleasant greeting. For our customers to enjoy a delicious meal, it’s necessary to create a comfortable environment in the store. To start with, greet customers cheerfully, remain polite while they are ordering, and never forget to smile. You'll cooperate with your coworkers in the fryer and kitchen teams, and also cook sandwiches and side items to ensure smooth provision of food. In addition, an important part of working in the counter team is maintaining cleanliness and monitoring what's happening in the store. Finally, you will send off customers with a smile, in gratitude that they chose KFC for today’s meal.
Counter Job Roles!
  • ・Greet customers with a smile.
  • ・Be polite while they order and smile while politely taking their order.
  • ・Always remember teamwork and help our other staff.
  • ・Always maintain a clean space in the store, such as in the seating area.
Customer Service
02. Food Preparation
Deliver the traditional "deliciousness" with pride. KFC is known for its “original chicken.” There are also a variety of other products such as sandwiches and Colonel Crispies. The role of the food preparation job is to deliver these products in our lineup and carefully prepare them one by one to deliver to our customers. In particular, we have passed on Colonel Sanders' traditional recipe of the “original chicken” for 45 years under the supervision of our staff that have been certified “chicken specialists” under our unique chicken cooking certification program.
Kitchen Job Roles!
  • ・Cook side menu items such as fries
  • ・Bake side menu items, such as biscuits, in the oven (in some stores, this is done by kitchen staff)
  • ・Prepare sandwiches and twisters
  • ・Frequently clean the equipment in the cooking space.
  • ・Cook "original chicken," fillet chicken, and seasonal chicken menu items.
  • ・Prepare ingredients for cooking.
  • ・Frequently clean the cooking equipment and kitchen.
  • ・Do daily maintenance on equipment being used.
Customer Service
03. Delivery
Deliver the freshly made delicious meal to where customers are waiting, while practicing safe driving. KFC offers delivery services at some store locations, from which food is delivered by motorbike or car. After the route is confirmed on the map, you'll start driving safely to the destination. In addition to orders from households, there will also be orders from businesses and public facilities. In any situation, always remember to have a smile on your face when you hand over the delivery, allowing customers to fully enjoy their meal.
Roles of the Delivery Job!
  • ・Conducted at around 100 store locations nationwide.
  • ・The freshly made product will be delivered by motorbike or car.
  • ・Confirm the directions on a map, and drive safely to the destination.
  • ・Always hand over the products with a smile.


Are there any age limits for applicants?
Anyone over the age of 15 can apply (no junior high school students).
Can I apply if I am foreign?
Yes, you can apply. Please bring the original copy of your passport, Certificate of Alien Registration, and Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted (for those who are studying abroad, enrolled in school, dependents) to the interview so we can be sure that you have a visa that allows you to work.
What will I need when I sign my contract to become a part-time worker?
You will need the items below:
  • ・A copy of your health insurance card
  • ・A copy of your passbook (This is for payroll transfer. Please copy the page with the furigana, branch name, and account number.)
  • ・A photograph
  • ・Your signature or stamp
[Applicants under 18 Years of Age]

Applicants under the age of 18 will need the following items in addition to the documents listed above.

  • ・A Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register issued by your local city hall or ward office.
  • ・Written consent from a parent or guardian
[Applicants with Foreign Nationalities]

Foreign applicants will need the following items in addition to the documents listed above.

  • ・Passport
  • ・Certificate of Alien Registration
  • ・Permission to Engage in Activity Other than that Permitted by the Status of Residence Previously Granted (for those who are studying abroad, enrolled in school, dependents)
Can I ask for leave when I'm busy with my studies, such as during exams?
You will adjust your availability when you submit your desired shift form in advance.
Do you have any restrictions on hairstyles and appearance?
We will ask you to keep a hygienic appearance. We also have provisions for hairstyles (color and length), which we will explain during the interview.
Could you let us know about the tasks involved in the job?
KFC offers food service work. The simple explanations are as follows.
  • Counter: Take a customer's order at the counter and hand him or her the product. The main task is customer service in the stores.
  • Kitchen: The main task is to cook the products.
  • Delivery: We will deliver the products after receiving orders from customers. A dedicated vehicle will be used, so you will need a moped license for the motorbikes and an automobile license for the cars.
What types of people are working part-time?
We have many high school and university students working for us. In addition, there are many housewives and seniors.

Career Information


About Salaries

Salaries will be paid based on the time you have worked in the store, based on an hourly wage. Hourly wages are determined for each rank. You will start at the trainee rank, and then be promoted to team member, star, all star, operation trainer or shift manager based on your ability.

About Breaks

For breaks, please follow the store's provisions along with instructions
from the manager on shift. Break periods are approved as follows: Shifts over 6 hours: 45 minutes, Shifts over 8 hours: 60 minutes

About Insurance

Social Insurance: health insurance, employees' pension insurance, workers' compensation insurance, employment insurance

Recruitment Guidelines

Job Type
Customer Service, Food Preparation Assistance, Delivery
Salary / Hourly Wage
This depends on the store. Please contact the store directly for details.
Working Hours
Schedules are based on a shift system. You will be reporting your desired working times. Please contact the store directly for details.
Recruitment Age
Anyone over the age of 15 (no junior high school students).
Recruitment Target
We welcome housewives (and husbands), students, seniors and long-term part-time workers. Even if you have no experience in part-time work or customer service, you will be able to work comfortably.
Uniform Rental
Opportunities for promotion to company employee
For any other inquiries, please contact the store directly for details.

Stories from our Foreign Workers

Case 1
Kunar, 2 years part-time
Customer Service
What we can contribute because of our background
It has been 4 and a half years since I arrived in Japan from Nepal. I love studying languages, and besides Nepali I can speak English, Japanese, and Spanish. I usually work with the fryer, but when we have foreign customers sometimes I take their orders. We also have KFC in Nepal, so the brand is familiar to me, which is why I chose it as the place to work at in Japan.
I'm happy because I have flexibility over my shifts even when I'm busy with studying!
At KFC you submit your shift schedule every week, so it's easy to adjust when I have plans or am busy with my studies. All of the more senior staff are very kind, and even when I don't understand the kanji in the manuals they explain the work by photos or video in a way that's easy for me to understand. They've also developed an interest in Nepal, so sometimes we chat about Nepal's local festivities and food!
Case 2
Pilar, 1 year part-time
Customer Service
What we can contribute because of our background
It has been 2 years since I arrived in Japan. The store I work at has me, a Nepali, but also Filipino and Thai people working in part-time positions. I of course interact with foreign customers when they come to our store, but I'm also proud of the fact that I'm able to communicate with the other foreign workers. KFC values teamwork, so I'm hoping that I can learn jobs other than counter work so that I can help everyone out too.
Senior staff members teach me well!
Everyone at KFC is kind and polite. When there's a kanji I can't read, they write the furigana for me. Even if I don't understand it the first time, they teach it to me again and again. Also, KFC has a lot of foreign part-time workers so I've made a lot of friends. We all get along like family, and we even all went bowling together! I want to work more and save money, and next I'd like to go to the lavender field in Hokkaido.

Commitment to Deliciousness

Commitment to Deliciousness

Realizing a "safe deliciousness"

We use safe ingredients, providing delicious meals handmade in our stores in addition to providing the best service. At Japan KFC Holdings Group, we have followed our "FHH&H = Fresh - Healthy - Handmade & Hospitality" approach for 45 years.

Commitment 1:

The "domestically produced herb chickens" used for KFC's original chicken are raised carefully at the 200 KFC registered breeding farms nationwide. Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity are adjusted so that the chickens grow up comfortable and healthy without stress. We approach their breeding with constant care.

Commitment 2:

KFC's "original chicken" is cooked under the supervision of a cook who has been certified a "chicken specialist" through our unique chicken cooking certification program. Based on Colonel Sanders' traditional recipe passed down over time, everything is handmade in-store through all 20 steps, including preparation, flouring, and frying.

Commitment 3:

We are striving for a "hospitality mindset" that always thinks of customers first and is constantly working towards customer satisfaction. We want each staff member to welcome customers with a genuine smile, providing warm hospitality and finding joy in customers' joy.